Is Rum Keto?

a glass of rum

Rum is a spirit that’s made by distilling sugarcane molasses or sugarcane juice. It’s known to be the oldest commercially-produced spirit. It tastes slightly sweet, with hints of wood. So, is rum allowed on the keto diet? Find out more below.

Is Rum Keto-Friendly?

Fortunately, yes, rum is totally fine on the keto diet — in fact, it doesn’t contain any carbohydrates. If you need to enhance the flavor without getting kicked out of ketosis, you can add a low-carb mixer to rum or buy flavored rum.

Carbs in Rum

1 fl oz serving of rum contains 0g of carbs(1). Spirits don’t have carbs in them, which includes rum (and vodka, gin, and whiskey). The only thing that adds carbs to rum is when you pair it with a mixer like diet soda or flavored sparkling water, or get a flavored rum.

Fats in Rum

1 fl oz serving of rum contains 0g of fat(2). However, there are some flavored rums out there with ingredients that contain fat, which would alter its nutritional values. But true rum (with no added sugars) is completely fat-free.

Protein in Rum

1 fl oz serving of rum has 0g protein(3). It’s not a source of protein which is important for your diet. Eating a protein-rich meal before drinking alcohol will delay the rate of alcohol absorption while also meeting your nutrient needs.

Calories in Rum

1 fl oz serving of rum has 64 calories(4). Since rum has no carbs, protein, and fat, the calories you get actually come from the alcohol itself. One gram of alcohol contains 7 calories.


Rum has zero carbohydrates, making it one of the best keto-friendly alcoholic drinks. It’s also low in calories which come from alcohol. If you prefer flavored rum, know that this variety includes additional ingredients that will change its carb and calorie content. Make a smarter choice by opting for low-carb flavored rum in that case.


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