Editorial Policy

Ketogenic Buddies publishes guides, blog posts, and recipes that are relevant to individuals, men and women, who are following or planning to follow a low-carb ketogenic diet.

Our content includes scientific research and personal experiences to explain how the keto diet works and ways people can implement it properly. We cover a wide range of topics including basic principles of keto, tips, food, workouts, and more.

We trust that you are responsible for choosing the best information that suits you and that you seek advice from your doctor or health care provider before following the diet, whether or not you have a medical condition or are pregnant/breastfeeding.

Health content is everywhere, and while this is a good thing, we know that there is a lot of confusing and conflicting information. To prevent this from happening on our resource, we follow specific guidelines to ensure simplicity, quality, and accuracy.


We, the team behind Ketogenic Buddies, aim to become a trustworthy resource on the keto diet for audiences of all levels: Beginners and those who have been on the diet for several months or years now.

Editorial Criteria

Ketogenic Buddies uses the following criteria for choosing references to include in every piece of content:

  • Relevancy – We select sources that are focused on the topic being discussed. We support our content with the best research out there.
  • Authoritativeness – Our specific sources include the NCBI, ScienceDirect, Frontiers, Mayo Clinic, JAMA, and NEJM. Research studies on these sources include human and mice models.
  • Personal anecdotes – For some of our content, we include personal stories where we can speak from experience. And by sharing these, we do not mean to give medical advice but rather help our audience grasp a concept from our perspective.

Content Creation Process

We base our topic selection on the needs and demands of the low-carb, ketogenic diet community. The information we include comes from medical journals, news from health organizations, current health and wellness trends, and personal perspectives.

If applicable, we include quotations from licensed healthcare providers including Physicians, Nurses, Pharmacists, Dieticians, and Nutritionists. Certified fitness trainers and subject matter experts are also welcome.

Each piece of content is examined carefully to ensure that it avoids bias, uses appropriate language and correct grammar, and ensures readability. After it is edited and improved, it is scheduled for publishing.

When it comes to our tone, we base it on a particular theme or subject. Some articles and guides require formality, while others benefit from a more conversational and informal tone.

Our Team

The founders of Ketogenic Buddies are Registered Nurses. As we grow, we include health care professionals and qualified subject matter experts as part of our team.

We Take An Audience-First Approach

We wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for you. Therefore, we continue to gather insight into your needs and interests to stay relevant in the ketogenic diet community. And because we want to provide a quality experience for you, we welcome suggestions that will help improve our content. If there are any, we first verify the validity of your suggestion through research and make the necessary revisions.