Be a guest blogger at Ketogenic Buddies!

Want to share your experience, knowledge, and expertise on the low-carb ketogenic diet? If that’s a yes, we are happy to inform you that Ketogenic Buddies is now accepting guest post contributors. We ask that you read the guidelines below carefully to increase your chances of getting published on our blog. Thank you!

Topics we accept:

  • Health conditions that benefit from the keto diet (PCOS, diabetes, cancers, brain conditions, etc.)​
  • Making the keto diet work (hacks, tips, troubleshooting strategies)
  • Sports/athletic performance and the keto diet​​
  • Men’s health in relation to keto​
  • Women’s health in relation to keto 
  • Keto versus other diets ​
  • How your life has changed on keto ​
  • Other helpful topics – feel free to suggest! ​
  • Health conditions that benefit from the keto diet (PCOS, diabetes, cancers, brain conditions, etc.)​

We will reject these topics immediately:

  • Keto diet pills​
  • “Quick-fix” products​
  • Other topics that are salesy in nature​

Guest post article length: 

  • 1,000+ words.​
  • We are aiming for in-depth articles that are supported by scientific research and real experiences. Make sure that you discuss the what, why, and how of your topic. Anticipate your audience’s questions and address them in your article. ​


  • Your article has to be 100% unique and plagiarism-free. It should not be published elsewhere. Before submitting, run it through Grammarly’s free plagiarism checker. ​
  • Avoid grammar mistakes, spelling mistakes, and typos. Before submitting, run your article through Grammarly’s free grammar checker. ​


  • You are allowed 1 link to your website (article or homepage). ​
  • Link to research and studies that support your claim. We prefer NCBI, Healthline, Diet Doctor, Virta Health, British Journal of Nutrition, and other authoritative resources.​
  • Please do not insert affiliate links. ​
  • Important: We do not do link exchanges for SEO purposes. ​


  • Please include a cover image. You can download it from free stock photo sites like and ​
  • If you have a video of yourself where you share your experience on the diet, feel free to add the YouTube link to the Google doc. ​


  • Write your article in a Google doc and share the link with us.​
  • Font style: Poppins​
  • Structure your article properly. Use the title tag for your title. Use H2s and H3s for headings. Bulleted lists are helpful for breaking down important points or listing items/tips. ​
  • Keep your paragraphs short. Limit your sentences to 2-4 per paragraph. ​


Ketogenic Buddies reserves the right to make changes to your submitted article. We do this to ensure accuracy and make it more conversational for our readers.

Editorial Fee:

We charge an editorial fee of $10 per guest article. This covers the time and effort we spend reviewing, editing/improving, publishing, and sharing your article on social media.

That’s it! Ready to write for us? What to do next: Email us at charlesmpyamut (at) gmail (dot) com with a subject line “Guest Post Ideas for Ketogenic Buddies” and send at least 2 topic ideas with a basic outline of your post.

Thank you and good luck!