Where to Buy Keto Bread? 9 Best Keto Bread to Buy in 2022

where to buy keto bread

Do you love eating bread? Because if you’re new to a low-carb diet such as keto, you’d be normally worried about not being able to enjoy your usual snack.

After all, bread is delicious and versatile food that fills us up quickly! You can enjoy it in different ways – make avocado toast, bread soup, or top it with egg. The options are endless.

This article is here to prove that yes, keto bread brands do exist.

And if you’re wondering where to buy keto bread, we’ve written down the best keto bread to buy for you. But before you check them out, here are some tips on choosing the best bread that will keep you in ketosis and support your goals:

  • Low in net carbs. The net carb count is calculated by subtracting dietary fiber from the total carbohydrates. Dietary fiber has less impact on blood glucose. Many keto local bread brands contain zero to 3 grams of net carbs per slice which is great.
  • Keto-friendly ingredients. Check the ingredients list on the packaging. As much as possible, stick with keto bread that’s free from wheat and barley. Some brands contain these. But these bread options can still fit into a “dirty keto” or “lazy keto” diet as long as they meet your macros.

Let’s get into it.





Zero net carbs per serving and uses only few ingredients.

Some customers have experienced problems with toasting the bread.

Comes in 4 varieties for all bread lovers, plus an option to choose from different quantities.

The pieces tend to be small, which may not meet customer expectations.

It's not just keto-friendly, but also low in calories.

Not as fluffy as traditional bread and can be dry.

Makes a great substitute for traditional bagels containing gluten (these are gluten-free).

Some customers find it expensive.

No added sugar and can be stored (by freezing) for up to 6 months.

It's slightly smaller in size compared to regular bread.

Doesn't use artificial ingredients and a great grain-free alternative.

Some customers dislike the dense texture and coconut taste.

It has a sweet and nutty taste while being preservative-free.

The sizes are a bit smaller and can be pricey.

Delicious and has a chewy texture; can also be grilled for sandwiches.

Some customers dislike the small sizes.

Tastes delicious and has a consistency similar to whole grain bread.

Can be expensive for some and it also contains whole wheat flour, which isn't keto-friendly.

Julian Keto Thin Bread

1. Julian Bakery Keto Thin® Bread

This bread is a wonderful substitute for traditional white bread. Julian Bakery did an amazing job of making sure that each serving has zero net carbs. All the ingredients are keto-approved and organic such as whole eggs, almond flour, and cream cheese. Some of their customers use this bread for making French toast and comment that it tastes slightly sweet.

Nutrition per serving (1 slice): Calories: 140 | Net Carbs: 0g | Fat: 12g  | Protein: 8g

Price: $39.99 – $69.99 at Julian Bakery

Kiss My Keto Cinnamon Raisin Bread

2. Kiss My Keto Cinnamon Raisin Bread

Missing homemade cinnamon raisin bread? If so, you better buy keto bread at Kiss My Keto. Cinnamon raisin has 2g net carbs per slice. They also feature other bread types with zero net carbs such as seeded wheat, golden wheat, and dark wheat. Stock up on these and make them last longer by storing them in the freezer.

Nutrition per serving (1 slice): Calories: 70 | Net Carbs: 2g | Fat: 3.5g  | Protein: 5g

Price: $47.96 at Kiss My Keto

ThinSlim Foods Honey Bread

3. ThinSlim Foods Honey Bread

Another zero net carb bread option, this keto bread tastes like honey wheat – it’s perfect as a standalone snack or for sandwiches. Please take note that while this has 0g net carbs, it contains wheat. However, ThinSlim guarantees that this bread does not cause a blood sugar spike.

Nutrition per serving (1 slice): Calories: 45 | Net Carbs: 0g | Fat: 2g  | Protein: 7g

Price: $7.99 at ThinSlim Foods

PBH Foods Everything Bagel

4. PBH Foods Everything Bagel

Where can I buy keto bread that’s savory and filling? Try this keto-friendly bagel substitute with only 4g net carbs per serving. Made in their Miami bakery, PBH Foods makes delicious and sweet keto snacks that do not contain unhealthy ingredients. One customer said, “They are very moist and have a great flavor.” If you already miss bagels so much, go ahead and try this.

Nutrition per serving (1 slice): Calories: 110 | Net Carbs: 4g | Fat: 9g  | Protein: 5g

Price: $15.99 at PBH Foods

Sola Sweet & Buttery Bread

5. Sola Sweet & Buttery Bread

True to its name, this is the best keto bread if you’re craving something sweet. I would like to point out that this bread uses erythritol and stevia as sweeteners. Erythritol, however, is a sugar alcohol and may cause gas and bloating if you’re very sensitive to it. If you go with this bread, I recommend starting with a small serving.

Nutrition per serving (1 slice): Calories: 70 | Net Carbs: 2g | Fat: 4g  | Protein: 5g

Price: $8.95 at Sola

Liberated Specialty Foods Coconut Bread

6. Liberated Specialty Foods Coconut Bread

This is the ideal keto bread to have if you’re after the right ingredients – egg, creamed coconut, coconut oil, baking soda, sea salt, and apple cider vinegar. It’s also kosher certified. When it comes to the macros, this bread will fill you up easily, thanks to its high-fat content.

Nutrition per serving (1 slice): Calories: 290 | Net Carbs: 7g | Fat: 25g  | Protein: 6g

Price: $22.00 at Liberated Specialty Foods

Base Culture 7 Nut & Seed Bread

7. Base Culture 7 Nut & Seed Bread

Base Culture’s bread combines pumpkin seeds, chia seeds, flaxseed, sunflower seeds, pecans, and hemp hearts. These are all keto-friendly nuts and seeds. Its pleasant and nutty taste is sure to satisfy your carb cravings. Alternatively, try their other bread types like cinnamon raisin and cheese bread.

Nutrition per serving (1 slice): Calories: 110 | Net Carbs: 4g | Fat: 7g  | Protein: 4g

Price: $19.99 at Base Culture

Great Low Carb Plain Bread

8. Great Low Carb Plain Bread

There’s nothing more satisfying than a cup of coffee with keto-friendly plain bread on a lazy afternoon. Slightly sweet, dense, and with a tan color, this bread is great for making toasts and sandwiches. Great Low Carb recommends storing it in the freezer so it will last for up to 6 months (or more).

Nutrition per serving (1 slice): Calories: 60 | Net Carbs: 1g | Fat: 3g  | Protein: 7g

Price: $7.99 at Great Low Carb Bread

Sami’s Bakery Low Carb 7 Grain Fiber Bread

9. Sami’s Bakery Low Carb 7 Grain Fiber Bread

If you’re from Tampa, FL, typing “keto bread near me” will lead you to Sami’s Bakery. Sami’s Bakery specializes in making delicious and fresh-baked products. This bread is specially made for low-carb dieters. It’s affordable – will cost you only $4.75 per package (with 15 servings). Sami’s also makes other low-carb options like bagels, cookies, and pizza crust.

Nutrition per serving (1 slice): Calories: 88 | Net Carbs: 2g | Fat: 4g  | Protein: 3g

Price: $4.99 at Sami’s Bakery

I know that with all these wonderful options, it can be confusing to pick which bread to buy. If you’re serious about keeping it keto all the time, stick with the ones with the least net carbs – 0g per serving. That would include Julian Bakery and ThinSlim.

Also, do read customer reviews to know the common reactions towards the taste, quality, etc. Don’t be afraid to try them yourself! Sometimes, you’ll have to experiment with a few keto bread products until you can say, “This is the perfect one for me.” Or better yet, make your own healthy keto bread at home to share with your family/guests.

Have you tried one of these bread products before? Did you like them? Let me know in the comments section below.

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21 days ago

I found the “everything bagel” quite small for my liking, but it was ok, much better than regular bagels which aren’t good for my blood sugar.

21 days ago

There’s no Lewis bread on the list but they’re awesome, liked the taste which was a bit sweet. lovely replacement for regular bread.

21 days ago

Some people don’t like the coconutty taste of Liberated Foods bread, but I do. Thanks for including my favorite.