4 Best Ketone Meters to Buy in 2022

best ketone meters to buy

Staying on track with your goals on the keto diet becomes easier with the right tools. One of the most useful forms of feedback is the ketone meter. A ketone meter measures ketone levels in your blood to determine whether you are or aren’t in ketosis.

Ketone meters detect beta-hydroxybutyrate (BHB), the most prevalent ketone body that circulates through your bloodstream. Your liver creates BHB ketones from fatty acids and BHB then gets delivered to areas of your body that need energy during situations when glucose is low(1).

When it comes to testing for the presence of ketones, whether as a beginner on keto or someone who wants to ensure that you’re still in ketosis — finding the best ketone meter is a top priority.

Best Ketone Meters for 2022

This article lists 4 of the best ketone meters available in the market based on factors like ease of use, design, features, app availability, and more.

Keto Mojo

Best Ketone Meter Overall: Keto-Mojo Ketone Testing Kit

Keto-Mojo claims to help you measure your ketone levels accurately using their starter kit that includes blood glucose and ketone meter device. This means that one device checks both your ketone and blood glucose readings, which makes it beneficial for users who may be trying to avoid or manage diabetes.

To monitor your ketone results over time, Keto-Mojo has a smartphone app that connects with the ketone meter. You can carry your ketone testing kit wherever you go — at the office, while you travel, etc. as the kit comes in a clamshell case. Keto-Mojo is FDA approved, although keep in mind that it shouldn’t replace a laboratory test or venous blood draw.


  • One device to check both blood ketone and glucose levels
  • FDA-approved
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Free shipping on orders $34 up


  • Does not ship to locations outside the US

Price: $44.99 at Keto-Mojo


BKT (Best Ketone Test) Keto Starter Kit

The Best Ketone Test or “BKT” starter kit is one of the best meters that will keep you motivated to stay on the keto diet. BKT makes your life convenient because their meter tracks BHB ketones and glucose and the lancing device is pain-free — which is a huge advantage for users who are afraid of pricking their fingers and drawing out blood.

We’ve personally tried BKT and appreciate a lot of the useful features, such as the big LCD monitor with a backlight for dark environments, a strip ejector to maintain hygiene after using, and a free app that registers your data. Plus, we love the fact that BKT’s customer service is highly responsive.


  • One device checks blood ketones and blood glucose
  • Strip ejector to maintain hygiene after using


  • Unable to add notes to the app even after several times clicking the “Add notes” form

Price: $59.99 at Best Ketone Test


KetoSens Ketone Monitoring System

One of the attractive features of the KetoSens monitoring system is its no-coding technology. While many ketone meters require coding (also called calibration) to ensure that the ketone strips are read and results are measured accurately, KetoSens eliminates this step. This feature provides convenience by saving time and making the meter easier to use.

Another plus is that KetoSens is that it requires only a small sample of blood (0.5 microliters or 0.0005 milliliters). You’ll find that each test strip is individually wrapped to prolong the shelf life and avoid contamination.


  • Requires only a tiny blood sample (0.5 microliters)
  • Gets you results within 8 seconds only
  • No calibration required


  • The refill test strips can be pricey

Price: $29.99 at Amazon

Precision Xtra

Precision Xtra Blood Glucose & Ketone Monitoring System

The Precision Xtra monitoring system allows you to test your blood ketones and glucose using just one meter. Similar to the KetoSens meter, Precision Xtra doesn’t require coding, which makes it convenient for everyone, especially beginners.

If you want to view your glucose and ketone readings on a computer, you’ll need to get Precision Xtra’s data cable that’s sold separately. When it comes to the number of results stored, this device has a 450 test memory with date and time.


  • Coding isn’t necessary
  • Features a large display with a backlight for easy reading


  • The data cable that connects the device to the computer (to download your readings) is sold separately. Also, there are other ketone meters with a Bluetooth feature and an app.

Price: $27.50 at Abbott Store


With available testing devices like blood ketone meters, you’ll be able to tell whether or not you’re doing the keto diet right.

Some people may find ketone blood testing uncomfortable to do, yet it provides a more accurate picture of ketosis because it directly measures BHB ketones. Other tests, such as the breath ketone test and urine ketone test are less accurate but they offer convenience in that they don’t involve drawing blood and allow you to test anytime and anywhere.

We hope that this ketone meter roundup helps you make the best choice. Before buying, check a few things, such as the device’s warranty, ease of use, quality, and real user reviews if you have any doubts about the product.


1 β-Hydroxybutyrate
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