Is Zucchini Keto?

Zucchini is a plant that’s native to Central America and Mexico. You may have heard about some of its health benefits, thanks to its antioxidant content. It’s also used in various recipes due to its versatility. You can have zucchini bread, salad, and pasta. But the real question is, can you eat it on a keto diet?

Is Zucchini Keto-Friendly?

Thankfully, zucchini is one of the best vegetables allowed on a low-carb diet. Just one to two cups will fill you up while ensuring that you stay within your daily carbohydrate limit. Zucchini is a good source of fiber which contributes to your total carb count — though that’s something you shouldn’t worry about.

Carbs in Zucchini

1 cup of zucchini provides 4.15 grams of total carbs and 2.75 grams of net carbs (1). That said, this vegetable can certainly fit into your keto diet. Since zucchini is so low in carbs, you can add it to your recipe along with other vegetables without worrying about getting kicked out of ketosis.

Fats in Zucchini

1 cup of zucchini provides 0.22 grams of fat (1). Despite lacking in fat, which is essential on keto, it can still keep you full for a longer period of time. You can also try pairing zucchini with parmesan cheese and mayonnaise for added fat.

Protein in Zucchini

1 cup of zucchini provides only 1.5 grams of protein (1). If you’re looking to preserve or build muscle mass on keto and want a protein-packed zucchini meal, you can try experimenting with other ingredients that go well with zucchini such as chia seeds, protein powder, or egg whites.

Calories in Zucchini

1 cup of zucchini provides only 20 calories (1). Therefore, consuming zucchini as part of a well-formulated keto diet can help with weight loss. But don’t be fooled by its low-calorie content — zucchini is also a dietary source of antioxidants lutein and zeaxanthin.


Zucchini is a low-carbohydrate, low-protein, and low-fat food, while also being rich in fiber and other micronutrients. People on a keto diet can eat this vegetable and not have to worry about blood sugar spikes. You can have at least one serving along with fat and protein-rich ingredients for a well-rounded keto meal.


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