Is Coffee Keto?

is coffee keto

A popular beverage, coffee is a source of caffeine which helps people stay alert and get them through the day. As someone following the keto diet, you’re probably wondering whether coffee is low in carbohydrates.

Is Coffee Keto-Friendly?

The short answer is yes, coffee is a keto-friendly drink, as long as it’s plain black or mixed with unsweetened heavy cream. Plain black coffee does not contain any carbohydrates. On the other hand, black coffee with heavy cream is low-carb while being high in fat.

Carbs in Coffee

1 cup of plain brewed black coffee has 0 grams of carbs(1). As a carb-free drink, it can help keep you in ketosis. In fact, you can take coffee while fasting as long as it does not contain any calories.

Some coffee options out there have carbs and calories in them, especially those with added milk and sweeteners. If you prefer coffee with flavor, the best option would be one with the fewest possible carbs.

Fats in Coffee

1 cup of plain brewed black coffee has 0 grams of fat(2). However, if you want to increase the fat content in your coffee, you can add one tablespoon of heavy cream to get 5-6 grams of fat(3).

Protein in Coffee

1 cup of plain brewed black coffee has 0 grams of protein(4). Some people, though, add protein to their coffee using whey protein or collagen powder. If you do that, be sure to check the carb content of that powder first.

Calories in Coffee

1 cup of plain brewed black coffee has 0 calories(5). Since it’s calorie-free, it won’t break your fast (if you do fasting on the keto diet).


Those who love drinking coffee on a regular basis would be glad to know that it’s keto-friendly. As long as you choose plain black coffee that’s carb-free and calorie-free, or coffee flavored with heavy cream or a low-carb protein powder, then you won’t get kicked out of ketosis.

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